The Movement for Choice


“No human development goal can be achieved as

long as women and girls continue to suffer from

violence or live in fear of it.”

-Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin

Executive Director, UNFPA, November 2012

EmoART is a non-profit organization created to stimulate self-development in teenage girls across Africa using the arts as a medium of expression and introduction in order to empower them to represent female ability and disprove the false idea that inferiority is inherently or naturally female.

ART is the language

      “As art teachers we do not indoctrinate. But when we study the art of many lands and peoples, we expose our students to the expression of a wide range of human values and concerns. We sensitize students to the fact that values shape all human efforts, and that visual images can affect their personal value choices. All of them should be given the opportunity to see how art can express the highest aspirations of the human spirit. From that foundation we believe they will be in a better position to choose what is right and good”

-National Art Education Association

1580From 2011-2013, the EmoART program organized weekly sessions with 12 girls in Zandspruit primary School (in Johannesburg, South Africa)  to utilize the psychological and physical benefits of artistic performance.


Our mission is: 

 TO create generations of independent African females who will use the power of choice to make well-informed decisions because they have the right attitude, values, knowledge and skills. 

BY  delivering the EmoART curriculum to 15 & 16 year old local teenagers who will redesign and implement the curriculum to address the specific priorities of their immediate community.

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In 2014, EmoART decided that African women’s rights are African human rights: Men in Africa are victims in various ways that we must acknowledge simultaneously.

Therefore, the responsibility to solve gender conflict must be shared.


In 2014, EmoART changed its mission to engage and empower African girls and boys living below $2 daily to create new and measurable leadership & entrepreneurial efforts that relieve their immediate communities. Therefore, creating a progressive continent sustained by the equal and equally valued efforts of African men and women.