Feminism and Freedom_Saba Mahmood


It is okay to have your standards, what is not okay, is imposing those standards on others. The same is true for feminism, this became clear as we discussed Saba Mahmood’s ‘The piety of freedom’. Everyone has the freedom to choose; I wonder if one of these freedoms is the freedom to be oppressed. One’s freedom ends where another person’s starts. A part of me thought feminism is all about getting people to subscribe to my views on who an empowered woman is. On the contrary, feminism is all about letting women be the people they want to be. It still irritates me that to be a girl generally means to be weak, pretty, over-emotional, soft and pretty; to be a girl is to be yourself and the same goes for boys. However, to choose this for someone beats the point. I hope we can open each other’s eyes so that we may go after what we desire and not what other people desire, because only then do we find true fulfillment.

-Shanice Kuntai 


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