Feminism and Freedom_Sada Mahmood

Freedom is one of those iffy terms that people find difficult to explain and often respond by saying Freedom means being free or it means I can do whatever I want. Neither of these responses sits well with me because in my opinion a completely free society cannot function. Freedom often implies that you can do something without getting in trouble for it, so if we were allowed to do whatever we want without getting in trouble then we would be living in anarchy. I’m pretty sure people will disagree with me but that’s the whole point of a discussion. Basically my view of freedom is that it does not exist. We live in structured societies that are deemed free based on their lack of oppressive laws. When groups of people begin to feel oppressed then the freedom of a country is questioned and eventually the laws and society is restructured. For us to maintain order and our freewill, I believe that my Freedom ends where another persons starts. Essentially this means we need to respect each other’s boundaries and limits in all aspects f life and find a compromise instead of blindly yelling, “It’s my right!”

-Le Roushka


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